When you stay at our Batu Kapal Guest House you can do as much or as little as you like, from extreme jungle trekking to relaxing by the Landak river, the choice is yours.

Batu Kapal Guest House Activities

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For those of you that just want to take some time out to relax and get away from it all, Batu Kapal Guest House is the perfect place for you. Spend some time relaxing at the guesthouse, spotting orangutans and watching squirrels in the trees, listening to gibbons call morning and night or reading a book on your private balcony with views over the jungle.

Wander down to the Landak River for a swim or just sit, relax and cool off. Have a look at Ship Cave behind the guest house.

Chat to Bayu in his gallery, checkout his amazing art or try your hand at creating your own Sumatran artwork at one of Bayu’s art lessons. Price for an art lesson and your hand painted batik t-shirt 20 Euros.

Arrange a massage 1 hour in your room (20 Euros ) or maybe try your hand at an informal cooking class with the locals (20 Euros).

For the more active, try your hand (or foot!) at the local Indonesian game Takraw (soccer played over a net) or have a hit of badminton. In the evenings chill out around the camp fire, listening to the strumming of the guitar with a blend of traditional Indonesian and Western songs, while keeping an eye out for the fire flies.

Volunteering Opportunities at Selang Pangeran

Are you interested in giving back to the local communities you visit by volunteering to help teach English to the school children in the afternoons from 2 to 4pm at Selang Pangeran? We can arrange to drive you by motor bike for a small fee. Check with us for the days the English school is running (normally on weekdays). You can also donate and plant a tree as part of a conservation reforestation project at Selang Pangeran while you are there (15 Euros per tree with the proceeds reinvested to the reforestation project). Just ask us and we will be happy to arrange a day trip to Selang Pangeran for you (its just 20 minutes by motor bike).

Day Treks and Activities On Your Door Step

We have a range of treks and day trips we can organise for you during your stay at Batu Kapal. If you would like to arrange your day trips before you arrive, choose from the activities below and send us an email, letting us know what you would like to do while you are staying here. We are also happy to organise your day trips for you after you arrive.

Please note we are committed to the protection of the forest and it’s species so we do not allow any unethical practices on our tours.

Sumatra Orangutan Treks

To see the wonderful Orangutans that call this place home. The Gunung Leuser National Park is home to over 7000 Orangutans, most of them wild with a small semi-wild population (approx 220 were released here after rescue and rehabilitation). Some of the semi-wild ones are quite used to humans, so you’ll be able to see these gentle giants a little closer than the wild ones.

Choose from our popular treks:

  • Duration : 3 hours (included certified English speaking guide, fresh fruit, lunch, permit to enter the National Park)
    Tour price: 35 Euros per person
  • Duration: One day trek (6hours includedcertified English speaking guide, fresh fruit, lunch, permit to enter the National Park)
    Tour price: 45 Euros per person
  • Duration: 2 day (included certified English speaking guide, fresh fruit, lunch 2x, dinner, breakfast, tent, blanket and permit to enter the National Park)
    Tour price: 80 Euros per person
  • Duration: 3 days (included certified English speaking guide, fresh fruit, lunch 3x, dinner 2x, breakfast 2x and permit to enter the National Park)
    Tour price: 120 Euros per person
  • Duration: 4 days (included certified English speaking guide, fresh fruit, lunch 4x, dinner 3x, breakfast 3x and permit to enter the National Park)
    Tour price: 170 Euros per person
  • Duration: 5 days (included certified English speaking guide, fresh fruit, lunch 5x, dinner 4x, breakfast 4x and permit to enter the Natiponal Park)
    Tour price: 220 Euros per person

    – Group size: minimum 3 people
    – Optional: tube rafting back from the trek 10 Euros extra per person.
    – What to bring: comfortable shoes, flip flops, one or two changes o clothes, long sleeves sweater, towel, large botle of water, insect repelent, suncream, swim wear, torch and toilet paper.
    – Note: If you want to do private trekking you are required to pay for 3 person. If you are a solo travel or a couple and do not want or not able to pay the price for 3 people, we can arrange for you to join with other group

Jungle Trek Wild Exploring 3 to 7 days

For the more adventurous, choose one of our 3 to 7 days treks through the wild jungle. Sleep under the stars, swim in waterfalls, visit caves and have a chance to see some of Sumatra’s wildlife. If you’re lucky you may see the Sumatran Elephant, Sun Bear, Water Dragon or even the endangered Sumatran Tiger although this is very rare. Meals are provided while on trek and we will cater the trek to suit your needs and fitness level. Just talk to us about what suits you best and how long you would like to trek for.

Tubing and White Water Rafting

The Landak and Bohorok Rivers are great for river tubing. Start at your guest house and float down the river passing forests and other villages. Your guide will do all the hard work so you can just relax, cool off and take in the beautiful scenery (20 Euros per person). Or if you would like a little more adventure, spend an exhilarating full day white water rafting on the Wampu River passing amazing scenery, stop at a waterfall for lunch and visit the hot spring in the river along the way (100 Euros per person, minimum 2 persons).

Market and Village Tour by Becak (Tuk Tuk), Bicycle or Motor Bike

Experience the traditional fruit, vegetable and rubber market at Gotong Royong on a Friday, followed by a tour of the local villages to learn about village life in North Sumatra (30 Euros per person). The village tour can also be run on any day. Your village tour will visit the rice fields and you will see how rice is processed, brown sugar and tofu being made, as well as locals making bamboo walling. Please note what you see will depend on the  village activities happening on the day you visit.

Gelugur Hot Springs With Picnic Lunch

Take a day trip to Gelugur Hot Springs where you can enjoy a natural hot bath in the river (35 Euros per person by motor bike or car, min 2 people. 2 hours each way). You can also go on a little  walk up the river to visit a beautiful waterfall and swimming hole. Picnic lunch provided.

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Tangkahan Elephant Encounter Day Trip

Head off in the morning for a day trip to Tangkahan for elephant washing. Tangkahan is a peaceful jungle retreat, situated alongside the Kualsa Buluh river.

  • Washing elephant: 80 Euros per person by car and 55 Euros per person by motorbike for two hours each way, min 2 people.
  • Elephant ride and washing elephant: 130 Euros per person by car and 110 Euros per person by motorbike for two hours each way.

    Note: Elephant ride must be booked in advance and minimum 2 persons, no booking in advance is required for elephant washing).

Tangkahan was established as an ecotourism location in 2001. Previously the area was logged and poachers hunted the animals. The local people have transformed the region, stopping the logging and forming forest ranger groups to patrol for illegal activities. With the help of FFI (Flora and Fauna International) they have developed a functional, self-sustained ecotourism destination.

Saringgana Waterfall Day Trip with Picnic Lunch

Head off an an exciting day trip by motor bike to the second largest waterfall in Sumatra. This day trip takes 2 hours each way by motor bike and includes a picnic lunch (50 Euros per person min 2 people)

For further information or to make a booking, please contact Jaka.

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